BigCommerce vs. Shopify Plus – and Why Shopify Plus is the better option in 2019

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BigCommerce vs. Shopify Plus – and Why Shopify Plus is the better option in 2019

Are you trying to find the perfect ecommerce platform for your online business? Then Shopify Plus is an excellent option that you should definitely consider. A lot of people compare BigCommerce vs. Shopify Plus and in today’s article we are going to take a look at a little enterprise ecommerce comparison between the two to give you a better idea of why we feel that Shopify Plus is the better option, so make sure to keep on reading.

Very user friendly

When you are trying to figure out which platform to use, you need to see the level of knowledge that you have because you will have to be able to work with it after all. Both platforms are pretty user friendly, however the original Shopify platform was made with small businesses in mind, and that same kind of interface is transferred to the Shopify Plus platform. Even if you are a beginner, this platform will be really easy for you to use and the learning time will be really quite small.

The price is very good

When looking at BigCommerce vs. Shopify Plus in an enterprise ecommerce comparison and specifically focusing on the prices, we can see that there isn’t a huge difference. Shopify Plus will cost you around $1200 a month, while BigCommerce Plus Enterprise will set you back $900 to $1500 per month. Since the price isn’t that different and what you will get is a lot better quality, we definitely recommend you go for it, especially since it may even end up being less expensive than BigCommerce Enterprise.

You will get an extensive App store

A feature that Shopify Plus is really famous for is the really amazing App store that, frankly, is unmatched by anyone in the business, including BigCommerce Enterprise. It has over 1500 different apps and add-ons that are the perfect tools which will allow you to add any kind of functionality to your ecommerce. And while BigCommerce does have some apps that you can use, but there are definitely not as many as Shopify Plus will give you, so definitely keep that in mind.

Even though both BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus are great options, we definitely feel that Shopify Plus will offer you more. We hope that this BigCommerce vs. Shopify Plus enterprise ecommerce comparison and that it helped you see our point, and we definitely encourage you to take advantage of the free trial and try it out for yourself.

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