If you compare BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus, you will see many similarities. Both ecommerce solutions are SaaS-based and have a similar look and feel. But, where can you make more sales? Read and find out!

You think the look and feel of Shopify is just great, you are satisfied with the features this platform offers, however, you are simply fed up with the limitations it has on your business?
We suppose you have already tried to compare Shopify Plus to other ecommerce platforms, to BigCommerce, for example.
Most of the ecommerce sellers choose Shopify because it is super easy to set up, offers great features, it is easy to manage, and has attractive store design options. And while Shopify’s look and feel allow you to focus on your business, it doesn’t take long for you and other sellers to discover the limitations of this platform. You eventually will want to investigate the options for pricing, global coverage, and support (all of these options can help you grow your business). The choice you have is to stay with Shopify and upgrade to a better plan or move your store to another ecommerce platform.
If you compare BigCommerce vs Shopify, you will see that these platforms have some similarities. For example, both platforms are SaaS-based or Software-as-a-Service. This means they are both easy to use (Shopify is known as one of the easiest to use ecommerce platforms on the market). You can also launch your BigCommerce store as quickly as you launched your Shopify store and you can get a professional to walk you through the process of setting up your store from start to finish. There are no update or maintenance costs.
Both platforms have a similar look and feel. They offer a huge selection of responsive and attractive ecommerce templates to improve your online store. They also make it super easy for you to design the storefront the way you want it and the best part is that no coding is required.
In this article, we will compare Shopify Plus vs BigCommerce from another point of view or where can you make more sales.
One very important difference between these two ecommerce platforms (a difference that can impact sales) is the different payment gateway.
BigCommerce gives the freedom of choice in terms of payment gateways. Shopify can automatically connect you with Shopify Payments (regardless of whether or not a specific gateway is a proper match for your business). This means that you may miss out to sign up with BlueSnap which is a great payment gateway and offers key features that can help you sell more. BlueSnap, for example, offers an extensive bank network around the world, intelligent payment routing, and a sophisticated fraud protection.
BigCommerce knows that the payment gateway can’t be a one-size-fits-all. So, it allows the users to choose the payment gateway that is best suitable for them and there are no penalties related. It is all about giving the users a variety of options.
 If you are interested in switching from Shopify to BigCommerce, you can use the BigCommerce online tool (the tool is free of charge). The tool – Catalog Transfer Application will walk you through the process of moving your catalog data (customers, categories, options, and products) from your Shopify store to your new store. If you want a more personalized help, you can hire someone an expert at BigCommerce to help you make the necessary transition. If you are running a larger store, don’t hesitate to contact the BigCommerce support team and get the extra help.

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